Who we are?

Our best tax and IT skills are combined in a solution that:

• Simplifies your business
• Integrates and automates processes
• Reduces time and operational risks


Best Vision Solutions & Services LTD provides IT and back-office services for financial institutions. Through our offices in Switzerland, Europe and America, we offer our services to an international clients.

Best Vision began in 1977, the year in which the first Best Vision Holding Ltd. group company was founded. Created to develop banking software, it has gradually gathered the needs of the market, developing a wider and more specialized offer.

The Best Vision group now has 18 companies, and a network of different and complementary skills such as, IT, back-office and consulting. This synergy of elements creates opportunities and innovative solutions for our customers.

In 2002, from one of these synergies, BEST IRS was born. Growing over time is now the solution that supports many QIs every year through a personalized and comprehensive service.


Our team is made up of people with a solid background in business and/or software development for the financial world. The collaboration of heterogeneous elements and the proactive climate have allowed us to develop and grow BEST IRS, making it what it is today.

Different in many ways, we share the desire to continue to create something innovative and functional, that helps more and more institutions in their activities of QI reporting.

The distinctive element of the team is the ability to observe and listen. We observe external changes in regulations and operations and are always attentive to what our clients have to say to us. This attitude has allowed us to find new and better solutions.


Competence, attention and quality are the three distinctive elements of our offer. We make every effort to ensure that all activities related to the reporting of modules 10421042-s are as simple, fast and secure as possible.

The satisfaction of our customers is the tangible result of our commitment:

“The assistance you provide is impeccable and indispensable. As far as the software is concerned, I find the tool very useful, intuitive and easy to interact with”

“Punctual and effective service. Always up to date with the latest regulatory developments. Strongly recommended for all your IRS declaration requirements”

“You’re a very reliable and professional supplier”

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