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BEST Reporting

Best Reporting is the ideal software in terms of reliability and completeness for electronic 1042-S reporting according to FIRE System requirements.

The software uses the data uploaded by the QI in excel format, generating the electronic 1042-S forms, along with the paper 1042, in a totally automatic way.

The software facilitates and speeds up the activity allowing to avoid wrong or incomplete reports through the numerous controls predefined in it.

The solution is designed and developed for large banking groups with high volumes of data to reconcile and forms to produce. However, the SaaS offering makes it modular and customizable, allowing accessibility even to smaller QIs.

Simple and Automated

Simple and secure access in Cloud mode, Software as a Service

Always up-to-date software for regulatory and security aspects

The software’s automated features reduce time and risk, in three simple steps:

Drag and drop Excel
Correct highlighted data
Generate all forms

With Cloud benefits

1042-S software cost

Cost is annual and depends on QI volumes and activated features.

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More information

Best reporting software for 1042-S and 1042 management is developed to manage QI reporting in a comprehensive way.

Our offer is modular and adaptable to QI’s real needs, in terms of functionality and budget.

We invite you to contact us here to evaluate together your reporting needs and provide you with our best economic offer.

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